Pleasant Township Cemeteries

Pleasant Township maintains 5 cemeteries within the township borders. These include:

  • Chenoweth off of Gay Rd.
  • Gundy on Norton Rd.
  • Ebenezer M. E. on Johnson Rd.
  • Little Pennsylvania on S.R. 665
  • Oak Grove on Alkire Rd.

For questions or information about these cemeteries contact us at 614-877-4338


Cemetery Rules

                  Updated and Approved October 7, 2019

1 No glass containers

2 No artificial flowers from April 1st thru October 15th Unless they are on the headstone. Live and artificial flowers will be permitted on the graves for Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for a period of 7 days

3 All plantings must be within 12 inches of the headstone

4 All plantings must be maintained by lot holder or be movable

5 No decorator rocks

6 No planting of trees or shrubbery

7 Any decorations not complying within these rules will be disposed of in 7 days

These rules and regulations have been adopted in an effort to maintain a place of beauty and a source of pride for everyone concerned.