​Pleasant Township Fire Levy

On March 19th, a fire levy will be on the ballot for the Pleasant Township Fire Department. The levy will be used to sustain the current services provided to the residents. To learn more about the levy, the Township has two informational sessions scheduled. The following dates are Tuesday, February 27 at 6:00 pm and Tuesday March 5 at 7:00 pm. The location will be Township Hall, 5373 Norton Road.

Soon, there will be more information with a link to questions provided by ‘Citizens to Keep Pleasant Township Safe’.

PUBLIC BID NOTICE: Please review our public bid process and list for exercise equipment, here.


  • Richard M. Welch
  • Joseph Bricker


JOB POSITION: Part-Time Firefighter/Paramedic

The Pleasant Township Fire Department located in South Western Franklin County is seeking to fill part time positions. Once orientation training is completed part time members are assigned to a unit day and have the opportunity to work a “provisional” or every 6th day schedule, or can work per diem according to their schedule. Part-time members must work a minimum of 18 hours per month.

Pleasant Township is a suburb of Columbus consisting of 43 square miles with a population of approximately 7,000 permanent residents. The department responds to nearly 1,300 calls for service from a single firehouse staffing a Rescue Engine and Medic as primary equipment daily. Other equipment includes a 3,000 gallon tanker, state of the art grass fire vehicle, as well as water and agricultural technical rescue capabilities. The department maintains a reserve engine and medic as well. In 2021 we responded to 57 working fires. We consistently provide mutual aid to departments in 3 counties.

Working under the direction of a shift Lieutenant, daily staffing is 5-7 personnel per day with multiple shifts available daily for part time members. Other benefits include access to state of the art fitness facility, ability to attend training outside of the department, holiday pay for 10 holidays annually, uniforms.

In the past five years the department has upgraded over $1.5 million in equipment to include new 2018 rescue engine, remounted 2018 medic, SCBA’s, turnout gear, radios, cardiac monitors, power cots, Lucas III CPR devices and various other systems and equipment. We are expecting delivery of a new medic and e-draulic extrication tools and other extrication equipment this year.


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS                                              PROCESS
-Certified Ohio Firefighter II                                                                                                                                     -     Application - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
-Certified Ohio Paramedic                                                                                                                                          -     Reference Check
-Valid Ohio Driver’s License                                                                                                                                       -     Interview with Lieutenants
                                                                                                                                                                                                     -     Background Investigation
                                                                                                                                                                                                     -     Driving Abstract

Interested individuals who meet the minimum qualifications can obtain an application at the firehouse located at 5373 Norton Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123, or click here to access the PDF version of our application. Completed applications can be dropped off at the firehouse with copies of your driver's license and all applicable certifications, or emailed to btaylor@pleasanttownship.com. Though we accept applications at all times, to be considered for this hiring period, applications must be received no later than January 31, 2022. The PTFD is an equal opportunity employer and drug free workplace. 

  • Richard Talik
  • Glenn Marquard
  • John Brining
  • Duane R. Ireson
  • Michael A. Castle
  • Matt Sciple


  • Carl W. Siders
  • Charles Brown
  • Mark Hollar

Engine 231

5373 Norton Road
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Phone # (614) 877-4375  or  (614) 877-4376 
Fax # (614) 877-9795​

  • Steve Evans
  • D. Mark Goldhardt
  • Mark Hollar
  • Bob Ireson
  • Jeff Jahn
  • Greg Kelley
  • Keith Larsen
  • Edward Sheets
  • Carl Siders

2009 International/Pierce Tanker    1250GPM Pump, 3000 Gallons Water

2009 International/Horton 

Pleasant Township Fire Department​
Station 231

  • John Beard
  • David Moore

2017 Ford F-350 Station Truck. 

  • Joseph Bricker
  • Keith Larsen
  • Edward Sheets

Fire Department

​Utility 231

Retired Full-Time Firefighters

  • Wayne Poling
  • Aldred W. Brandt
  • Michael Galluci
  • Charles Johnson
  • Michael Leonard
  • Okey Sharp
  • Keith Larsen
  • Joseph Bricker
  • Ed Sheets

Past Fire Chief's

Past Officer's

Past Equipment Photo's

  • Donald McQuary
  • Gary Hunter
  • Brian Bays
  • Carl W. Siders
  • William Nutter
  • Craig Mosley

Tanker 231

Full-Time Firefighters

Harrisburg Homecoming-Sparky & Pluggie

  • Tim Riebel
  • Doug Ison
  • D. Alan King

2009-Jason Adams with Students & Staff from Pleasant View MS

2017 Ford Explorer


Administrative Personnel


  • Lieutenant Jeremy Johnson
  • FF/Medic Chris Kurowski
  • FF/Medic Jeremy Sanchez
  • James Evans
  • James Estepp
  • Terry Taylor
  • Robert Temple
  • Joseph M. Bricker
  • Richard Matthews

Chief 231

Training Gallery


  • Lieutenant Ryan Wihl
  • FF/Medic Aaron Price
  • FF/Medic Travis Baisden
  • FF/Medic Tyler Burleson

The Pleasant Township Fire Department was established in 1976 

Harry H. Jahn - Chief      -      Kenneth A. Green - Assistant Chief      -      Richard M. Welch - Captain      -      John Cooper - Lieutenant

Charter Members of the Pleasant Township Fire Department

  • Chad Story
  • Mark Williams
  • Matt Zeuschner
  • Tim Riebel
  • Doug Ison
  • D. Alan King
  • John Beard, III
  • David Moore
  • Jay Noojin

Grass Fighter 231

  • D. Alan King
  • David Moore

2018 Rosenbauer Engine/Rescue    1500 GPM Pump, 750 Gallons Water, 30 Gallons Foam

Pleasant Township Fire Department Logo  Established in 2017

Fire Prevention Gallery

Medic 232

Firefighters for Kids Program


Around the Firehouse Gallery

Emergency Incidents Gallery


  • Lieutenant James Kuno
  • FF/Medic Clay Shaffner
  • FF/Medic Paul Shambaugh

Pleasant Township Fire Department Logo  Established in 1976, Retired in 2017

Medic 231

  • Carl W. Siders
  • A. William Brandt
  • Joyce Cassady

Past Full-Time Firefighters

  • Dave Whiting - Fire Chief      dwhiting@pleasanttownship.com        Business (614) 877-4375        Fax (614) 877-9795                  

2017 International with a 2003 remounted Horton box.

  • Jason Adams
  • Brian Bays
  • A. William Brandt
  • Joseph Bricker
  • Charles Brown
  • Joyce Cassady
  • Doug Castle
  • Mike Castle
  • Josh Cox

2018 Ford F-550/Weis Fire & Safety 300GPM, 300 Gal Water, 20 Gal Foam

  • Harry H. Jahn
  • Kenneth A. Green
  • Richard M. Welch