Local Waste is the trash and recycling collector for Pleasant Township residents. This page has information about these programs, and some FAQ's about waste disposal.

Recycling Service Begins in Pleasant Township in December 2020! Look for Delivery of your Bin and Instructions Around Thanksgiving!

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste Information

Why Recycling Matters

The amount of waste created by central Ohio residents and businesses is staggering.  In fact, every resident generates an average of 9 to 10 pounds of waste each day, of which half comes to the landfill.  With only so much landfill space available, it’s more important than ever that we reuse, recycle, compost or divert as much as we can.


​Pleasant Township wants to make proper recycling as easy as possible for you so we provide each resident with a recycling cart to place acceptable items in for recycling.  Please place these carts at the curb on your recycling day under the same guidelines as your trash.  If your recycling cart becomes damaged or if you need an additional cart, please contact us by calling (614) 877-4375.

Don't Just Recycle. Recycle Right.

                                                It’s not only important to recycle. It’s important to Recycle Right.

                                                By only recycling materials that are accepted at the recycling facility,                                           your recycling will make more of an impact.  SWACO’s “RECYCLE                                              RIGHT” campaign makes proper recycling easy by giving you a comprehensive                          list of what should and what shouldn’t go in your recycling container.  For more information about “RECYCLE RIGHT,” please visit RecycleRight.org

Questions about Proper Recycling?

Still have questions about what’s accepted or not accepted for recycling? Visit SWACO’s Frequently Asked Questions page at https://recycleright.org/faq/.


Have Unwanted or Hard to Recycle Items?

Visit SWACO’s “Reuse and Recycling Search Tool” to find the best solution for your unwanted item at https://recycleright.org/recycle-reuse-search-tool/.

Collection Schedules and Guidelines

Trash Collection Day: Thursday

Recyclables Collection Day: Thursday

Yard Waste Collection Day: Thursday

Please have your trash, recyclables, and yard waste at the curb on your collection day by 7:00 am but no earlier than 7:00 pm the day before your collection day. 

Please follow the guidelines below when preparing your materials for proper collection.  If materials are not properly prepared, the contracted hauler will not collect your material.


  • For a list of holidays observed by SWACO and your local hauler, click http://www.localwasteservices.com. SWACO’s Holidays can be found at http://www.swaco.org/DocumentCenter/View/459.
  • If there is a holiday prior to your collection day (holiday on Monday and your collection day is Thursday), your collection day will be delayed one day.  If your collection day falls before the holiday, your service day will remain the same.
  • Multi-family living residents (apartments and condos) have their service provided by the property management company.  Please contact the property manager to get accurate information regarding your service if you live in a multi-family complex.


 Trash (Refuse)

  • All trash must be placed in bags or approved containers.
  • Residents are responsible for providing their own trash bags and containers.
  • Each bag or container must weigh less than 50 pounds.
  • A rolling trash cart may also be available to for free or to rent. This charge is independent from your trash service bill and is set up directly with local waste hauler.
  • Seniors who are the head of household may sign up to receive a discount on the trash portion of their bill.  Please contact your local waste service hauler to learn more about their senior discount program.

Unacceptable Items:

The following items should not be placed in the trash. 

  • Appliances containing freon (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners)
  • Lead-acid batteries (car and motorcycle batteries)
  • Liquid waste, including used motor oil and paint
  • Tires
  • Yard Waste
  • Explosive items, radioactive waste, and other materials that could be dangerous to the workers collecting your trash.


Proper Disposal of Dangerous and Difficult Materials:

Furniture, carpeting, mattresses, box springs and other bulk items will be collected with the regular trash when placed at the curb.  Any upholstered items (including mattresses and box springs) must be wrapped in plastic.

To learn more about what is acceptable in your trash, and how to properly dispose of or recycle items that do not belong in the trash, please visit SWACO's website at www.swaco.org and click on the "Diversion" tab.


                                                                                               Yard Waste


Leaves, grass clippings, shrubs, weeds and brush, and twigs and small branches are all considered yard waste and are not accepted at the landfill. 

Yard waste should be placed at the curb on your normal yard waste collection day.


  • Residents are responsible for providing their own yard waste bags or containers.
  • Loose material should be placed in biodegradable bags or rigid containers clearly marked “yard waste only.”
  • “Yard Waste Only” stickers can be obtained from the City to place on waste receptacles designated for yard waste.
  • Each biodegradable bag, container or bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds.
  • Do not place yard waste in plastic bags –use only biodegradable paper bags (available from hardware and grocery stores) or clearly marked rigid containers.

Acceptable Yard Waste Items:

  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Shrubs
  • Weeds and Brush
  • Shrubbery
  • Twigs and small branches (less than four inches in diameter)
  • Christmas trees – whole trees, no decorations, no lights, no tinsel, no garland.  Do not place trees in plastic bags. 

Unacceptable Items:

Only yard waste is permitted in yard waste bags and containers.  Please do not place food/pet waste, dirt or rocks, plastic bags or bottles, sod, soil, or plastic plant pots into yard waste bags or containers. Please do not use plastic bags to collect yard waste. Keep it loose or use compostable bags.


Reuse, Donate, Recycle.

For additional information on diversion options like reuse, donation and recycling, please visit SWACO’s website at https://www.recycleright.org/


Food Waste

Every day, central Ohio residents and businesses throw out a million pounds of food. Food waste is the largest portion of the waste stream and accounts for 15% of all material in the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill. That’s a lot of food that’s going to waste – food that could be feeding hungry people or, at minimum, returned to the earth in the form of a nutrient-rich soil enhancement. Together, we can save more than food and make a difference for our community. To find out how, visit http://www.SaveMoreThanFood.org to sign up for the newsletter and download resources to stop food waste today.

The Save More Than Food Campaign can help you to reduce food waste all around the community with specialized resources and tools for each of the following environments:

At Home
At Work
At School
Food Businesses

Click here to view each of these on the blue tab.

Waste Information for Pleasant Township